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Launching April 2022.



The Surf Monks was created to connect the authentic surf experience in the real world with the digital world. To start, we’ve created 12 surfing monkeys that reflect real world surfing personalities, and as we continue to expand on The Surf Monks, our mission is to build a community who can relate to our characters. We will create events, parties, and trips for our community focused on sharing the natural beauty of the ocean. We have partnered with charities that are focused on cleaning the ocean and creating food and water abundance for those that need it most. We are also partnering with smaller, authentic surf brands for unique collabs to help their businesses grow. We are a team that is truly passionate about what we do and the impact we can make, and we hope you’ll join us on this ride.


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Road map




*TBA based on Covid restrictions

Road map


  • Who are The Surf Monks?
    We are a community of enlightened surfing monkeys who live on the utopic of Nani Island.
  • When are they minting?
    April, 2022
  • What is the total supply?
    4,720 in Season 1, with more to come in future seasons.
  • How do the seasons work?
    Our drop style is a new and different format. During each 12 week season, we will drop 300-400 NFT’s per week.
  • What do you get as a holder?
    We have three immediate goals: 1. To build the largest surf community merging the metaverse with physical world events Access to The Surf Monks IRL community events Access to The Surf Monks Summer Tour Access to The Surf Monks Holiday Fest 2. To create and deliver the most amazing PvE, World Building and PvP surfing game possible Voting rights on certain game mechanics Early beta access to the game Preferred access to in-game items like surfboards and apparel Early buying rights to preferred plots of land before public launch of the game 3. Access to limited brand apparel and collaborations with the Surf Monks
  • What is the game model?
    The Surf Monks will be a Player vs Environment (PvE), World Building and Player vs Player (PvP) game.
  • Where will I be able to see my Surf Monk?
    OpenSea, the world's first and largest NFT marketplace
  • How do I get on the whitelist?
    We will be allocating whitelist spots to active Discord members as well as through Twitter giveaways.
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